A miningindustrial version of the Optimus is also available

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Replica Handbags The Optimus Series lights are available in two models, a single 10 watt LED version and a dual 10 watt LED version, known as the Optimus Single and Optimus Dual. All Optimus lights feature a waterproof rugged die cast aluminum housing, industrial grade waterproof deustch connector, adjustable trunnion bracket mounting, and 11 32V DC multi volt input. A miningindustrial version of the Optimus is also available featuring a reinforced single stud fixture mount. These key features allow the Optimus Series to be used in almost any application including: automotive, motorcycle, ATV/UTV, marine,Let’s start with some fun Solar garden light like a replica of a red buggy with solar spotlights shining from the front and the back. and chrome finishes. Initially available in only 10 degree narrow beam, 30 and 60 degree wideflood beams will be available mid September. Mother of the brides has one thing in common and that is the swelling pride that they feel when they see their daughter dressed in a wedding gowns. This bold is ideal to comedy aloof for fun, or to analyze altered bells clothes styles to accept a absolute clothes in the future. You can additionally add this bold to a claimed website to comedy anon from there. The Optimus single is available this week, and all models are expected to be shipping early September. Find out why Vision X Lighting employees coined this light “Project Light Cannon”Mercor Lighting’s reputation for service and cost competitiveness has made it Canada’s leading independent supplier of lighting. Mercor supplies a wide range of fixtures, consumables and lighting design services.. Replica Handbags

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