Animal rescue workers hoped the animals would be able to board

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Replica Hermes Birkin At Palm Beach International Airport, a van full of cats and three city buses filled with dogs pulled onto the tarmac Wednesday morning. Animal rescue workers hoped the animals would be able to board a flight to shelters in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.The flight, funded by the ASPCA and performed by Wings of Rescue, was one of several slated this week by Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control and the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League of West Palm Beach.”By moving these animals out, it’s definitely going to allow us some more space to help the new pets coming in,”Elizabeth Harfmann, community outreach manager for PBC Animal Care and Control, told HuffPost. She stressed that they started running out of shelter space before Irma even made landfall.”We had close to 100 that came in before the storm,” she said, noting there were”people just bringing them into the shelter because they were evacuating and not taking their pets with them.”In the other instances, animals were found abandoned outside their homes, some tied to trees or cars.”The people not only lost their homes, but they also lost their pets,” Anderson said. Replica Hermes Birkin

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