Believe me, when Wendy’s unveiled their new Bacon Mozzarella

All of this comes amid an uncertain harvest. Department of Agriculture to project the overall size of the critical corn and soybean crops. As the fields dry and the harvest comes in, every additional bushel will push prices lower forcing farmers to take out still more loans and to rely ever more on federal subsidies. Trump, in the meantime, has proposed slashing or even eliminating these lifesaving supports and other federal programs that have been critical to rural communities.

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Designer Fake Bags Politics is everywhere and everything is political. Which sucks for me, because I’m an idiot. Believe me, when Wendy’s unveiled their new Bacon Mozzarella Burger last year, I wanted to write a parody song of the opening number to Hamilton, changing the lyrics from “Alexander Hamilton” to “Mozzarella Hamburger,” but our president told us all to boycott Hamilton, so now even mentioning it feels like a political statement. Designer Fake Bags

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