Bill being caught doing something dangerous and/or stupid

Running Gag: Several Brian being Mistaken for Gay, which is in nearly every post season 1 episode. Bill being caught doing something dangerous and/or stupid, only for Judy to be caught doing something even worse than what Bill did. Bill and Linda’s Snark to Snark Combat. Tina’s creepy child moments. Sadist Show: A lot of the things that Bill and Judy do to their kids would probably get them in trouble with Social Services in real life. The trampoline was one of Bill and Judy’s ideas.

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Ysl replica bags Once in the grasp of a sufficiently mighty one it is impossible to escape without outside aid or chaotic abilities/items. The Confidant: Eric is the only person with whom Kasile feels comfortable venting about The Chains Of Command. Part of this is because she can’t hide anything from him anyway (due to being Mind Link Mates) and part is because he has absolutely no interest in her queenly title or her court and is thus impartial, and except for their friendship, unconnected. Ysl replica bags

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Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags Brust originally chose the number because it has no pre existing mathematical or numerological significance. There are 17 houses of Dragaerans There are 17 “Great Weapons” The position of Emperor/Empress rotates through the Houses; each full progression if 17 rulers is called a “Cycle” and ends with a “Decadent Phoenix” ruling. 17 Cycles constitutes a “Great Cycle” and ends with a “Phoenix Reborn” on the throne instead. In Yendi, Sethra’s punishment of Sethra The Younger is based on 174 Armor Is Useless: No one wears armor in Dragaera, which fits with the swashbuckling style that Brust likes. Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags

Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica Action Bomb: The Unstable Core special has the benefits of the researchable Engine Upgrade, and the Reaver Scout Engine special boosts combat speed even further than either Unstable Core 3 or Engine Upgrade 3 at the expense of reduced weapon range. If a ship equipped with either of these specials has its health depleted, the ship explodes, damaging nearby enemies (and leaving a fiery patch that damages any enemy ships that pass through it). Very useful if put on “instant repair” ships, like unarmored Sea Wolves or Light Cruisers Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica.

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