Each plush toy is one million times larger than its real life

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cheap canada goose outlet It’s that time of year again. The snow is falling, school is almost out, and the holiday season has arrived! I love the holidays so much that I decided to tie in the festivities to my post. I’m sure all of us are searching for presents to give to friends or loved ones. To go with the theme of my blog I found this popular website, Giant Microbes. Giant Microbes is a company that sells plush versions of nasty viruses and diseases. Each plush toy is one million times larger than its real life counterpart., the founder of Giant Microbes says that each stuffed organism is a realistic depiction of the actual viruses except for the enhanced colors and eyes of course. The toys have been used across the country as educational tools to spur discussion on viruses and prevention of disease. Some chapters of the Red Cross even use them at school presentations. A lot of the viruses I’ve talked about on my blog are sold as cute little plush toys on their website. Here are some of the microbes that I found interesting and some of the ones I talked about before cheap canada goose outlet.

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