Finding a completely original doll today is becoming harder

In the boreal forests of Quebec, a mother black bear slumbers in a large underground chamber buried in many metres of snow. She has given birth to two tiny cubs. Bear mothers give birth to some of the smallest young in relation to their body size of any mammal, and the adorable cubs are barely larger than a squirrel.Winter is the longest season in Canada.

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Canada Goose Parka Completely Original? If an antique doll is completely original, including all body parts, wig, eyes, clothing etc. it is much more valuable than many dolls we find today, that are “put together” dolls. This means that the doll has been recreated using an assortment of genuine antique parts, but the parts are not original to the actual doll. Finding a completely original doll today is becoming harder and harder to find, so don’t pass up a beautiful doll just because her clothing or wig may not be original. Canada Goose Parka

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