Gloves don cut the mustard in the cold, you need mittens

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Canada Goose Parka God knows I own my fair share of cheaper outerwear, but it hard to expect a $100 jacket to keep you warm in 30 weather. It the only way you are going to stay warm here in Canada without a million layers. You have to be wearing a wool sweater or hoodie under it when you try it on to make sure you can fit a couple layers under it. It needs a down filled hood too. It needs to be a long one that covers your butt. The fur (real or fake) around the hood will stop snow and cold air from blowing in your face. Canada Goose is amazing, but hated on and expensive. Anything similar to it will do, as long as it is down! Down filled mittens are great too. Gloves don cut the mustard in the cold, you need mittens. You can get down filled mittens too. Just ask someone from your town which ones they like, down or not. Shearling boot liners are amazing, swap out the ones your boots came with. Get a wool scarf so your breath doesn make it damp, and wrap it over your nose and mouth. Get sunglasses to protect from wind. I have worn my snowboard goggles/snowboard pants when it was near 40 in Montreal and I had to walk to work. Leg warmers are good if it about 0 degrees. Do what you gotta do. Helly Hansen is a great brand, just save the coat you have for the season/climate it was designed for! Canada Goose Parka

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