Her Chauncey Caftan, sporting none other than Patricia own

The acquisition gives Lupin control over Symbiomix’s lead product, Solosec oral granules, for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis in adult women. In September, the USFDA approved marketing of Solosec with 10 year exclusivity.”Our sweet spot is going to be USD 150 200 million range,” Lupin’s Swaminathan said.”In women’s health, now that we have two products Methergine as well as Solosec, it makes lot of sense to get additional women health products,” Vinita Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of Lupin.Methergine tablets used in controlling postpartum hemorrhage was part of the Gavis portfolio, which Lupin acquired for USD 880 million in 2016.”We have the infrastructure in place, we will be expanding commercial infrastructure for Solosec, getting additional products to that infrastructure enables us to create critical mass,” Gupta added.Lupin statement comes at a time when Israeli based Teva is looking to offload its women’s health business.Last month, Reuters reported that Teva would sell the remaining assets in its specialty women’s health business for USD 1.38 billion in two separate transactions.Teva will use proceeds from these sales to repay debt.An analyst who didn’t want to be named told Moneycontrol that Lupin could be in race to buy those assets, as they fit their specialty game plan.Lupin couldn’t be reached for a comment.Lupin earlier said in addition to women’s health it’s also looking at building pipeline for pediatrics and neurology.

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