I haven’t heard from you in a long time

Monday morning, Kumiko heads off to work in downtown Tokyo. She’s one of an army of eager, polite and chipper young Office Ladies who put on their OL uniforms and serve their managers. doing chores like making tea and taking suits to the cleaners. This isn’t Kumiko’s destiny, is it? Back home, Kumiko and Bunzo share a cup of Ramen noodles, as they watch the tape. It’s Fargo, and Kumiko seems to be primarily interested in one scene. it’s the one when the William H. Macy character buries treasure in the snow and marks the spot with a red plastic scraper. Damn! It’s the phone. “It’s your mother. I haven’t heard from you in a long time.” Eventually she gets around to what’s on her mind. “Are you getting that promotion?” Kumiko says yes. [She lies.] “Are you dating?” “No.” Mom’s not happy with Kumiko’s progress toward her ultimate destiny. finding a boyfriend and getting married. Nor is Kumiko’s boss, who feels free to give her advice on how to live her life. Kumiko is 29, after all and she really should have been married by age 26. When her boss hires another OL to help Kumiko, the handwriting is on the wall. Ms. Kanazaki is the new OL and Kumiko’s days are numbered.

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