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65% of women said they were uncomfortable saying the word “vagina” and often used code names such as “Down there, Coochie, Va Jay Jay, Cha Cha, Hairy Potter”. (For producers and network attorneys, I think “down there” is a favorite.) 50% of women never talk about their vaginal health with anyone, not even their doctor! I realize, as an OBGYN, that my patients represent the other fifty percent of women who do comfortably talk about their vaginas, at least behind the closed door of my examining room. But the fact that one in two women is not having this conversation is keeping me up at night. 50% of women wonder if their vaginas are normal looking, and many don’t think their vaginas are “pretty.” In a survey of young women ages 16 25, half could not find the vagina on a medical diagram. Some don’t even know the parts of the anatomy that make up the vagina, and hell, most women don’t even know what their own vaginas look like. They don’t want anything to do with them.

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