is at the top of the food chain

The Cavs are raising the bar on the fan experience for the 2014 15 season from great to AMAZING. The team has invested in Quince Imaging’s new ground breaking projection image mapping technology, the same technology that wowed fans at Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ jersey retirement ceremony last March. Beginning at the Cavs October 30th season opener vs. the New York Knicks, the home court will transform into a canvas to display high impact 3 D court projections of Cavs inspired, adrenaline pumping imagery.

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cheap Canada Goose A lesser specific example is Edie in Soldier Stonekong’s stage, who is essentially wedged in a spike pit. It’s not impossible to get him without dying, but it’s a hassle. In general, any reploid who dies easily or is in an obscure/obtuse place. At least Leon doesn’t have any sort of part, so it’s no huge loss if he gets blown up. Lazy Backup: X7 has a team mechanic, where you choose two Hunters and can switch between them without leaving the stage. cheap Canada Goose

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