It wasn’t just the boob job which altered her petite

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relica birkin hermes The great obstacle to their great romance was Bob Geldof. It takes no stretch of the imagination to imagine his hurt at being left by the woman Geldof says he loves still, but how he felt about their children sharing a home with Hutchence was a different matter. That was father bear protecting his cubs’ territory, based on Hutchence’s well known love of a narcotic good time, and the changes in Yates that were obvious for anyone to see. It wasn’t just the boob job which altered her petite, gamine figure to the point of turning her into a different person but the change in her behaviour. As Yates put it herself in a documentary she made after Hutchence’s death, which she made to contradict a coroner’s verdict of suicide, her late lover believed she was “a combination of someone who wore baby doll nighties but, at the same time, had a lot of children, and he liked the idea that he could have everything.” That is not necessarily who Paula Yates was, though, and a friend of Hutchence’s who spent time with them in 1997, observed that if he’d believed one of them would die, it would have been Paula, who was “on [Hutchence’s] bandwagon”, ill suited to it, and suffering for it relica birkin hermes.

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