The first festival of Navratri is a nine days long festival

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high quality replica handbags India is the land of festivals. The trail of festivals begins in last September and continues till the month of March. The first festival of Navratri is a nine days long festival and is celebrated in varied ways in different parts of India. In western states of India such as Gujrat, Maharashtra, it is the time of utmost celebration. The people of all social backgrounds, all ages, adorn themselves in beautiful traditional dresses and come together to play garba. It is a wonderful time to meet new people, make new friends and spend some fun filled time. In eastern parts of India, this festival is celebrated as Durga Pooja. Gigantic pandals are created in every nook and corner of the cities of west Bengal and Orissa. The pooja goes on for six days followed by the Visarjan ceremony on the last day. The pandals offer food as prasad to all its visitors. Many competitions and cultural events are organised and people from all kind of social backgrounds are welcomed to participate in them. An aesthetic assortment of vivid authentic food is there to explore in these pandals. In Northern India, these are the days of fasting, self control, revitalising our inner strengths. The last day is celebrated as Dussehra high quality replica handbags.

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