There were several warnings from London police officers that

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canada goose store SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileChakma was speaking in response to the fallout of last month’s ‘fake homecoming’ street party, which flooded Broughdale Avenue with 11,000 party goers. There were several warnings from London police officers that the booze fuelled blowout was a dangerous gathering that should not be repeated.Homecoming used to take place in the last week of September, but the university moved the event to later in to the school year in a bid to curb student parties.Chakma came out strong against excessive partying in the exclusive interview, which you can listen to here if you missed it.We spoke to Western students to get their response to Chakma’s comments.Gazette news editor Martin AllenMartin Allen is the news editor at Western’s student newspaper, The Gazette. canada goose store

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