They were married 23 Feb 1970 in St

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Hermes Replica https://www.fancyofferhandbag.com/ Hermes Replica replica hermes bags Well you and my wife Jeanne Deslandes are definite cousins. She is also a descendant of Amable and Virginie Messier. They were married 23 Feb 1970 in St. Pie de Bagot, Quebec, Canada. I found them living next to Pierre Deslandes his half brother in Baltic, CT on the June 1870 US Census Report. It appears that they did go back and forth a lot. Some of the children were born in the USA and others in Quebec, Canada. I know that Virginie died on 21 Mar 1891 in Taftville, CT USA and was buried on 25 Mar 1891 in St. Pie according to the Drouin Collection. I found a sibling of Alma and Amable Jr. buried in CT. Rose Emma Deslandes, born 06 May 1972 in Wauregan, Brooklyn, CT and died on 02 Jun 1873 and buried at Sacred Heart Cemetery, Wauregan, Brooklyn, CT. I traced the death and birth records at the Plainfield CT Town Clerks Office. I also found another sibling Clara Deslandes born Sep 1887 in St. Pie, died 23 Mar 1896 in Taftville, CT. She is buried along with Amable Jr in Taftville, CT. The same plot as my Father and Mother in Law, Silas Deslandes and Yvette Fontaine. Amable Sr., was born 03 Nov 1849, Notre Dame de Rosaire, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, to Pierre Deslandes and J. Celine Porlier. He died in St. Pie, on 23 Apr 1936. I show a total of 11 children from the marriage of Amable Deslandes and Virginie Messier. replica hermes bags

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