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California Oregon Washington

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Best Investment Real Estate Services in Oregon, California, Washington

Wolfe Investment Services(WIS) is a full-service real estate company, dedicated to providing unparalleled real estate services in the United States.

Founded by Hong Wolfe in Washington, Oregon, and California in 2006, WIS specializes in assisting clients to buy, sell, lease, and manage residential and commercial real estate assets. WIS is one of the best investment services on the West Coast of the United States. We take pride on exceptional service, in-depth knowledge and extensive industry experience.

We have a unique perspective in real estate investment that provides you with exceptional service and superior return.

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How do we help you?

Whether you are looking to purchase, sell, manage, or exchange, we are the best professional experts you can rely on.

With our extensive years of experience and wealth of knowledge, we strive to deliver a level of dedicated service unsurpassed by others in our service areas.

Our sales agents and property managers can help you secure the most favorable outcome for your investment needs.


Our approach

We offer a unique approach to real estate investment. Whether you are buying, selling or leasing a property, adding an experienced agent to your team can ensure the best possible results.

Our experience and an in-depth knowledge of investment real estate ensures best possible outcome for you.

Market conditions fluctuate due to various external factors. Since we are experts in assessing economic conditions and market trends in the local real estate markets, we can provide you with invaluable advice to predict the fluctuations ahead, so that you may determine the most advantageous periods to sell or purchase to maximize return on your investment.

We are looking for a long-term partnership with you, not just one transaction


Owner, Principal Broker & Premier Director